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​South Atlantic Conference (SAC) Cancelled

The South Atlantic  Conference (SAC) which was to be held in late January of 2021 has been cancelled.  Due to Covid restrictions that has been placed on the hotel along with travel issues for the managers, are some of the reasons.

Some say the conference is several months away, why cancel now. Your SAC Board begins in the Fall of the year setting the plans for the conference with the hotel. Reservations would soon be open and having people make and then cancel their reservations could cost some attendees money to cancel. Also, with any event planned the closer to the event date and having to cancel there is the possibility of owing the hotel penalties. Social distance in the hotel lobby along with the meeting rooms played a part as well. No one has a crystal ball to see when this virus will go away or even lessen the restrictions from it. Trying to plan to go ahead could cost the conference money that we do not have. Maybe in a few months everything will be over, and we can go back to being normal. But what if it does not clear up in a few months. That is the decision the SAC Board was faced with.

Please understand the SAC Board did not make this decision lightly. Discussion on all angles were looked at. But in the end the health and safety of our people were deciding factors. We are all facing twists and detours nowadays, but we all are in this together. We will come out of this pandemic stronger and better. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Kim Harrell
President, South Atlantic Conference
Submitted by:
Phil Upchurch​

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