1187-R FORM

​​1187 FORM


  GA  Membership Dues Rates:

  Classification                  Rate Per Pay


    Regular Carrier                         $24.73

    PTF Carrier                                $24.73

    Relief Carrier                             $10.35

    ARC                                            $10.35

    Reg. Associate                          $23.40


                                               Dues Per


    Retired                                        $9.33

    Retired Associate                      $8.83

  Why you should become a member...

  • INFORMATION - About your rights as a Rural
  •      Carrier

  • *   NRLCA holds exclusive recognition to represent
  •      the rural carrier craft with the U. S. Postal Service
  •      (USPS).
  • *   Negotiates all Labor Agreements for Rural

  •      Carriers

  • *   NRLCA can represent members of the rural
  •       carrier craft in the grievance procedure

  • *   Insurance Programs for Regular and Retired
  •      Members and Qualifying  Leave Replacements

           *   Receive monthly publication,  The  National  

             Rural  Letter Carrier, to keep you informed of

             postal and legislative issues of vital interest

          *  Receive state publication, The Rural Bulletin

              which is published each month except for

              August and December.  This publication gives

              you important information  on District and State

              Meetings and a report from one of the District

              Representatives' of the National Steward

              System about what is happening in the field.

          *   As a member you will be able to attend District, 

               State and National meetings where information

               is provided.


  How to become a  


Membership in the GA--NRLCA is 

  open to individuals employed by the

  United States Postal Service who

  work in the Rural Carrier Craft as a

  Regular, PTF, Substitute,  RCA , RCR or        ARC.  
         Print a membership Form 1187,

  complete  the top  section sign, and

         Mail the completed form to

  the address at the bottom of the form.

         If you were a member at the time

  of retirement, your  membership may

  be continued once you retire, by

  completing the 1187R  Form  for retired